OneSelfClub's Qualified Team

A challenge many business owners face today is that they are unsure of how to communicate with a non-communicative CPA. We also see many make an attempt at communication to understand their bookkeeping, but have a hard time doing so. We believe that no one can ever truly understand and interpret business finances better than business owners themselves, as their business is immediately affected by its financial standing.

OneSelfClub Monthly Phone Call

In order to solve this, a monthly subscription to OneSelfClub not only includes state-of-the-art accounting software, but it also enables entrepreneurs and business owners to have valuable one-to-one contact with accountants who have over 50 years of combined experience. We also make sure that they are always paired with an accountant who has proven experience in their specific industry. 

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Rather than meeting with clients every quarter, our qualified team of accountants schedules phone conferences with subscribers every month in order to ensure they are constantly aware of how their business is performing. High awareness of their business allows our subscribers to make the best possible decisions in order to achieve their business goals.

We encourage our subscribers to communicate with their assigned accountants whenever they have questions, and to also engage their management teams to do the same through our mobile messaging feature for instant feedback. Our highly qualified team of accounting advisors will offer their support to business owners as they continue to learn and understand their numbers. We take pride in helping business owners across all industries take charge so they are not part of the 50% that doesn’t survive their first year in business.

Learn Your Numbers

Knowing your numbers can be the game-changing difference between a successful and profitable business and a struggling business. Know Your Numbers Today.