Cash Flow Runway Tool

This tool will help you manage your cash flows to empower you to understand your cash flow projection.

How to use the Cash Flow Runway Tool

This is an in-depth look through the Cash Flow Runway Tool, showing all of the features, how to effectively use it to gain valuable information for your business. 

Know Your Cash Flow Projections 

Know how much money you will have left each month with your current cash flow with our Cashflow Projection. Cashflow Runway Days will show how many days you have left before you're out of cash.


Automatically Updated From Your Books

Don't manually have to insert your data every time, have us do it for you. Your data will be automatically pulled from your Xero or QuickBooks account. 

Get More From Our
Pro Version

For OneSelfClub Subscribers, when you sign up you will have all these features are included in your membership. Not only that your data will be reflected but you will also be able to download & print it at any time. 


Learn Your Numbers

Knowing your numbers can be the game-changing difference between a successful and profitable business and a struggling business. Know Your Numbers Today.