NEW! $299/month OneSelfClub option

We understand you are in the early stages of your business.

That is why we want to keep OneSelfClub affordable for small business owners and startups.

Introducing the brand new, extra affordable $299 option for OneSelfClub. You still get all the best features of our service with a slight change to the financial meetings.

With the $299 option, you will get financial statements every month. This allows you to understand your business's financial position timely and without interrupting your daily schedule.

4x2 graphic. First panel: BOOKKEEPING; 100 transactions per month. 1 business entity. Second panel: MONTH-END RECONCILIATIONS; Eliminates accounting errors. Keeps track of all transactions. Secures business deposits. Keeps your bills paid & saves money. Third panel: MONTHLY FINANCIAL STATEMENTS; understand your financial performance timely by reviewing reviewing your monthly financial statements. Fourth panel: CASH FLOW RUNWAY; Will help you manage your cash flows to empower you to understand your current cash flow projection. Fifth panel: EPICMILEAGE; Automatically track your business miles. No need to push start or stop. Completely free for OneSelfClub members! Sixth panel: XERO SUBSCRIPTION; Track income & expenses. Capture & organize receipts. Maximize tax deductions. Invoice & accept payments. Track sales and sales tax. Always connected with you. Seventh panel: EPICLEDGER DASHBOARD; Interactive cloud-based financial dashboard that empowers business owners to understand their numbers in less than 60 seconds. Eighth panel: TAX ESTIMATOR; Will help you estimate your tax liabilities in real-time so you can perform tax planning before the end of the year.

OSC Services


Our bookkeeping service manages up to 100 transactions per month per entity under the $299 plan. You can always upgrade your plan for more transactions.

Month-End Reconciliation

Keeps track of all your transactions by making sure your bills are paid and deposits secured. 

Monthly Financial Statements

Understand and analyze your financial performance and position with monthly statements. Upgradable to quarterly or monthly financial meetings with an OSC expert.

Cash Flow Runway

Understand your cash flow projection.


Included in your subscription is the EpicMileage app, a business miles tracker that helps you maximize your auto deductions.

Xero Subscription

We pay for your Xero subscription when you sign up for OneSelfClub! Access and keep track of all your transactions on this cloud-based software.

EpicLedger Dashboard

Our EpicLedger system is a powerful cloud-based adaptive financial software that lets you access and understand your numbers in less than 60 seconds on your computer or mobile device.

Tax Estimator

Our tax estimator helps you plan for your tax liability before the end of the year.

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