Where ScaleFactor Failed, We Have Succeeded

A once $100 million company that was going to be the next unstoppable juggernaut of their industry has fallen by the weight of self-inflicted problems. ScaleFactor was a technology-driven company that had developed a "groundbreaking" AI to do books for small business owners, however, in truth, it was completed by people. So when they took in an overabundance of small business owners who were ready to relax for the end of the day, not realizing the danger their company is going to be in when they find out that their books were going to be filled with errors. This eventually led to waves upon waves of cancellations, which was so bad it led to the loss of at least $600,000 worth of lost accounts in 2019. YIKES! That is a lot of cancellations. As ScaleFactor shuts down, they claim their failures on the current pandemic crisis of COVID-19. 

While over here at OneSelfClub, we are currently thriving and growing despite the pandemic crisis! So why is that? We have a chart to share with you on the reasons why we're thriving and the BEST alternative to ScaleFactor: 


Unlike ScaleFactor, we are not solely dependent on technology and we don’t leave you in the dark when things start to shakeup in the world. We want to talk to you, we want to make sure you understand where your business is at and plan to help your business prosper. And best of all, you can try us out to see if you like talking to us without any hassle, with a 30-day satisfaction guaranteed. We are here, ready to talk to you!


Free Tool to Manage Your Cash Flow

Managing cash flows can be challenging for businesses especially during this time. We have developed a tool that will empower you to understand your cash flow projection quickly for the next six months. 

Our Cash Flow Runway Tool will help you understand your business projection and cash flow position instantly. Best of all, you have access to the tool 24/7 to make changes whenever you need. 


With the Cash Flow Projection, it will calculate all of the data that was entered in to show you the projection of your business for the next six months. 


Know how many days of cash you have left for your business with the Cash Flow Runway Days. 

Insert cash at hand, avg monthly revenue, and one time infusions like loans to get correct and accurate projections. 

Take control of your expenses and know where to cut unnecessary expenses. Make sure to insert the correct information for the best results.


Watch how you can use our cash flow runway tool to take charge of your financial position! The Pro version that is inside our video extracts data from your books (Xero or QuickBooks) into this tool so it is accurate and reliable. The Pro version is part of an all-inclusive accounting subscription with OneSelfClub. Sign up now to take advantage of this and more! Become a Pro with OneSelfClub Now!



What to do if you get rejected for the PPP?

What to do if you get rejected for ppp s

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is now in its second round of funding from the federal government's crisis aid for small businesses. However, many business owners are still waiting to receive this funding. To make matters worse, some lenders are prioritizing high-profile firms and clients. What do you do if your business gets rejected for PPP?

There are alternative options such as going through other funding options or even exploring the traditional EIDL (Economic Injury Disaster Loan), which is designed to help businesses through these tough times caused by the pandemic. 

Business owners should also look into other alternatives or tax incentives such as the paid leave credit, the employee retention credit or even deferring payroll taxes. For example, the CARES Act allows you to defer your portion of social security (6.2%) within the period of 3/27 - 12/31/20. Interested to learn more about this subject, go to our webinar, learn more now!

Other than exploring your funding options, now is also a critical time to understand your numbers for your business. Knowing your numbers and making informed decisions based on your numbers is important during these tough times. Understanding your numbers empowers you to make timely decisions that would strengthen the foundation of your business. We have created a cash flow runway tool specific for business owners so you could utilize this tool to assess the level of your cashflows and what it takes for your business to survive. 

Managing your cash flow is vital for your business during this pandemic. Now is the time to plan and prepare how to effectively manage your cash flow for your business. If you want to learn more about how to better utilize your cash flow, we're having a FREE webinar on how to manage cash flow during this pandemic. We'll show you how-to tips and tricks on how to effectively manage your cash flow so you and your business can survive this crisis.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us today! 

Additional Funding To Help Business Owners Is Coming Your Way!

additional funding to help business owners

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act (PPPHCEA) this week, which will provide additional funding for small business programs that were administered and created by the SBA through the CARES Act. 

The $484 billion PPPHCEA bill was already approved by the Senate and has already been signed by the President. This budget includes:

  • $320 billion for the PPP to help small businesses

  • $60 billion for the EIDL 

  • $75 billion for hospitals

  • $25 billion for coronavirus testing 


While it’s not clear when the new funds for these programs will be available or how long they will last, the best course of action is to sign up for those programs as soon as possible! The initial $349 billion in PPP funding from the CARES Act was already fully allocated within 13 days. 

If you're unsure what is the difference between the EIDL or the PPP, click here to learn about the programs from our previous webinars. If you have questions or need additional help, contact us today!

How to Survive Without EIDL or PPP

how to survive without eidl or pppAs time passes during this pandemic, there have been many programs like EIDL (Economic Injury Program Loan) and PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) that have been incorporated by the CARES Act to help small business owners obtain enough cash to survive. 

Unfortunately, small business owners are still waiting to receive the funds from these programs. Many are frustrated that they have received no funds or support from the SBA. There is a lot of uncertainty and we understand the frustration with the small business owners who were neglected by the very programs that were supposed to help them during this crisis.

Thankfully there are ways to still survive this, you have the option to defer payroll taxes or get Employee Retention Credit. CARES Act allows you to defer the employer's portion of social security. Employee Retention Credit is a refundable tax credit that is equal to 50% up to $10 K in wages paid of an eligible business owner. If you qualify, you can fill out form 7200 to request for the credit to be reimbursed in cash. 

If you're still confused or have questions about how to defer payroll taxes or to get the employee retention credit. We invite you to join our FREE webinar on April 22nd on how to do that and more so you can get the money you need to survive this crisis.