For Android User Version 11 & Above

Are you setting up a new account or a current user of the EpicMileage app that uses Android Version 11 and above? We have created this video to activate Location Access to 'All Of The Time' so your trips are captured accurately.

Understanding Your Numbers #1: Bleeding Cash!

So why is understanding your numbers vs reading your numbers is so important? We show an example of why understanding your numbers is important in our latest video!

Last Chance To Save Your Money From The IRS!

With a few weeks left to go, we still have time to get holiday cards and gifts for our friends and family. Most importantly, prepare for next year's taxes! So why wait now? 2020 surprised everyone enough so let’s work on planning for 2021.

Would You Like To Know Your Future Tax Balance Now?

Founding Father Benjamin Franklin once said, "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” This wise saying applies to taxes as well! It is impossible to reduce your taxes without being proactive. Consequently, failure to plan will lead you to getting a huge tax bill right before April 15th! You’ll have to go through tremendous amounts of stress and anxiety about your impending payment to Uncle Sam just by not planning! However, what if we told you that there is a way to control your tax destiny for 2021 at no cost?

Yes, that’s right, we have a FREE Tax Estimator Tool that can help you estimate your tax liabilities in real-time. You can now see how much you would pay in taxes for the current tax year!