Meet Xero

Everyone here at OneSelfClub are invested in the future, partnering up with the very best tech applications that are future focused. We have now partnered up with Xero, the world's leader in Cloud accounting. This is the beginning of a new exciting era!

Who is Xero?

Xero is a accounting software that has pioneered cloud accounting since 2006 and because it runs on the cloud, you could run your business on any device without any hint of trouble making it more convenient and seamless for you. Where you can save time, boost your efficiency of running your business, and ensured that your data can be accurate and trusted. 

Looking to the future

We are always looking for the next best thing to help business owners like you to make sure you know all of your financials without all of the complex data bogging you down. So you can run your business knowing where you are at and where you need to go next to grow and evolve. Are you ready for the next evolution of the future?

Hate Being on Hold on Government-ish Hotlines?


Nothing is more frustrating than being put on hold for a problem that you wish to solve as soon as possible or being tossed around like a hot potato by people in different departments who care less about your situation. 

No one wants to be placed on hold for hours on end for a immediate problem they wish to solve now! You might be able to relate to Rob (not his real name). He has been using this accounting company for a year now. Took him a rather time consuming cycle to get to the bottom of a trivial issue. Don't be fooled by a "big-name" firm that stand by their "brand"

Are Your Books Tax Ready?

Are Your Books Tax Ready?

We're halfway through February, which means Tax Season is literally right around the corner! 

There are many people who are willing to rush through all of their taxes so they can be done with it, however... that could be extremely detrimental. With their books not reconciled, they would be many deductions they would miss. Not to mention the misinformation that could potentially cost them thousands of dollars. 

 Are you in good hands for Tax Season? 

Stuck In a Pointless Meeting?

Stuck In a Pointless Meeting?

Majority of the accountants you'll ever meet will never want to interact with you, however there are a few accountants out there that claim to be "interactive". Those accountants that claim that will often read their clients the entire financial statement, from top to bottom like a robot.

Which doesn't give the business owner any important information about how their business is actually doing financially. This unfortunately happened to Jim (not his real name), who recently told us his story about his previous accountant that he dismissed.

Jim is a medical practitioner who owns his own practice, is looking for an accountant that provides accounting advice. Although he did sign up with an accountant that has a so-called "interactive" services he has been looking for, Jim soon realizes that his accountant is far from "interactive"...

Have You Talked to Your Accountant Recently?

Have You Talked to Your Accountant Recently?

This is Tim, he is an up-and-coming business owner with dreams and aspirations of being successful. He emails his accountant to see a copy of his financial statement as soon as possible... unfortunately for Tim, his accountant has ignored him.

Tim continues to contact his accountant despite being constantly ignored by him. He finally confronts him three days later to get a statement for his financial position. 

What could his accountant be hiding from him?