Tax Season Tip #2: Cardinal Sins of Tax Deductibles

We’re just about halfway through February already! Meaning Tax Season looms ever closer to us. If you missed our previous tips where we talked about the importance of reconciling your bank account you can view these tips now!

Many people often make mistakes while preparing for tax season. One of those cardinal sins that occurs is the commingling of funds, which you could easily miss while performing your bookkeeping.


Commingling of funds is our next important tax tip in addition to knowing your chart of accounts and what is actually deductible. Our latest video reviews over these tips to help you prepare for tax season check it out now!


When preparing for tax season, it is always important to stick with a schedule so you have the time for tax planning. However, if things are a bit too hectic and you need some help preparing your books for tax season you can always ask us for help! We can help you out so you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing your books are organized and ready for tax planning!