Business in the Time of Corona

Consider yourself lucky if you can run your business through WFH, however not many small business owners have that privilege. Restaurant owners, hairstylists, dentists, education centers, and retailers just to name a few, are all in the same boat. They all serve people directly and are now on forced furlough through shutdowns, lockdown, and whatnot. How long is this going to go on? Nobody knows. The more serious question that keep business owners awake at night in their hunkered down-home is - how long can my cash flow sustain my business. I still have to pay vendors, rents, and most importantly, myself and employees that I have not put on furlough or laid off.

This is not the end. One day the dark clouds will scatter, like all crisis we've gone through. One day, business will be back to usual. The question is, did your business manage to weather the storm? Did you give up and write off all your blood, toil, tears, and sweat; and let fate decide your future?

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