Not Too Sure About Your Bookkeeping?

As a small business or a start-up, you've probably resorted to hiring a bookkeeper because they're inexpensive. This is perfectly fine as start-ups and small businesses don’t have complex financials. However, even if you were sold on hiring an “affordable” bookkeeper, chances are you are not sure what you are paying for. Here’s why:

Manual Work.

Most bookkeepers bring experience but experience doesn’t mean efficiency. A bookkeeper may have 10+ years under their belt, but if they are applying manual work they are not efficient. Manual work are time-consuming and error-prone therefore, more expensive.

What Are You Missing Out?

Have you ever wondered how is your business performing? What is your current financial position? While most bookkeepers helps maintain your books, you don’t really know how to read financial statements to make critical business decision to maintain and grow your business. 

Money Out the Door!

Not knowing your numbers may be costing your more than your realize. Bookkeeping services focuses on recording raw data but have you given some thoughts about how can those data help you save costs, maximize tax savings and increase profits. Imagine if there is a technology that transforms these raw data into important, easy to understand information to assist you in optimizing your business financials.

For small businesses and start-ups, the perfect solution is to find an all-in-one accounting solution like OneSelfClub. OneSelfClub utilizes technology to automate your business so that you can increase profits, minimize costs and grow your business. Here’s what’s included:

1. Bookkeeping Services 

2. 1 Hour Interaction with a Professional Accountant

3. Month-end Reconciliation

4. Quickbooks Online Subscription 

5. EpicLedger Financial Dashboard (read your numbers in 60 seconds!)

6. EpicMileage (automatically track your business miles)