PPP Loan Forgiveness & Managing Cash Flows in Times of Corona (Webinar)

Ever since this crisis has occurred, you had to sacrifice future endeavors to preserve your business. While that hasn't been easy for others, everyone is doing their best to keep their business afloat along with keeping their employee's peace of mind. There have been programs enacted by the government known as the CARES Act that has ensured businesses will stay afloat with the EDIL (Emergency Injury Disaster Loan) and the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program).

However not everyone has been able to receive their programs, due to banks catering to their high profile clients instead of sticking with the "first come first serve" method. Good news! We're now having a portion added to our webinar for those who have received the PPP loan. We will be going over how much the loan can be forgiven, when does the 8 weeks start, and many more. Now is the time to prepare on how to effectively manage your cash flow for your business. With our FREE webinar, we'll show you tips and tricks on how to effectively manage your cash flow so you and your business can survive this crisis.

Cash Flow Runway Tool: